Finally the doom Vault is open! What is the it? Well simply put The doom Vault, is similar to a monthly subscription box, but a bit different. It is first and foremost a opportunity to pump out new art work  and products as well as bring back some classics for anyone who missed them, or for you guys who were around for older releases, a way to get an updated version as well as some other cool goodies, or a bit of cool insite and history into what goes into the designs!  Been working/ planning this for a while so I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this! 


First off - This is not a subscription based box!  With most subscription boxes, you will sign up for a few months, but might end up with a theme you really have no interest in! So to make things fun, with the exception of the first box release, the boxes will be limited in quantities .The box will not always be monthly, might be bi monthly, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter for any updates!


This one is easy..... tren. haha Other than tren, the box will be based on a theme, new or old art, all the products in the box will be inspired by that concept , and only available with the box. The shirts and art will not be available outside of the box as a normal release, the boxes and releases will be treated as 2 separate things. Each box will contain - 

- Custom printed troll head based on that theme

- Tee of the themed art

- screen printed mini art poster, and more info about the art/concept/ design ( this for you artsy fartsies )

- few other surprise products based on the theme!


 - We decided to add a few upgrade options to give more chances to get stuff with the new variant artwork that gets made with each box! 

Vaults open until 2/7/20 

Lift Evil Doom Vault